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Program Overview

For more than 10 years Andes Libres Institute has been working as an educational center and research institute. We have worked extensively with local students in Peru as well as international students from accredited universities such as Arizona State and Texas Tech. As part of the educational endeavors, Andes Libres provides training to international students in classes related to Latin American Studies, Latin American History, Spanish, Quechua, Institutions, Social Services, Law & Economics and Business.

Learn beyond the classroom

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Immersion in our programs gives you deep understanding you can’t get from any lecture, book, or television show. That’s why excursions are built into our program fees – for an all-inclusive, culturally rich experience with no surprise expenses.

Cusco, Peru
With Andes Libres Study Abroad Programs, you’ll have plenty of chances to interact with the local people and discover places that make Cusco stand out from any other Latin American location.

Cuzco means ‘Navel’ in Quechua, and was the ‘earth navel’ of the Inca nations.   No other place in South America is as rich in history as Peru.




♦Up close and personal – Build on what you learn in class with day excursions and subject related experiences.
♦Cultural discoveries – Explore the best cultural offerings available Peru.

With Andes Libres you can pursue your own interests and activities with the help of our study center staff.

Every student deserves a life-changing educational journey.

Plan yours with Andes Libres.




Llayne Padgett is our International Programs Director

International Programs Director

International Programs Director

Llayne runs our international and student study programs. She organizes events here at Andes Libres.  Llayne attended Riverside University in Southern California before coming to work with us here at Andes Libres. She has extensive experience in travel abroad and the airline industry.

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